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Suffering, Risk Aversion and the Price We Pay

I have been spending a lot of mental energy on the Sandy Hook mass shooting for the past month.  I watched live TV the day it happened while I worked from home, tears streaming down my face.  As the mother of a first-grader, the shooting hit me right in the stomach as I reached out … Continue reading

Yoga for Western Martial Artists

Disclaimer:  I am using the term WMA and WMAist to refer to the person studying medieval western swordsmanship.  I recognize that there are countless martial arts in Europe and not all are the same or have the same physical requirements and taxes on the body.  So… you 15th century longswordsmen … this is for you. … Continue reading

And this is awkward…

So, today in the car Scarlet starts having this conversation with Brian. I am quietly listening. Scarlet: Brian! Do you know what is SO COOL? Brian: What? Scarlet: When we grow up I’ll still be older than you. Brian: Oh. Scarlet: BUT! What’s even cooler than that? Even though I’ll be older, you’ll be bigger? … Continue reading

Cautionary Tales of Cars

I will be writing about my trip to the Western Martial Arts Workshop soon enough, but to hold you over, this is from about a year ago…  


I was just reading a post (http://technorati.com/women/article/formula-feeding-sucks/) about bottle feeding and sterilization and I was completely struck by the memory: when we remodeled our Kitchen and priced dishwashers, I bought one that can sterilize because … wait for it … then I could sterilize our baby bottles. I just remembered that reasoning for why I … Continue reading

Prepping to leave for Racine

I am getting my house in order today because I will be leaving tomorrow at about 4 am for Racine, WI.  I am looking forward to this trip so very much. I will be instructing at WMAW, which is the Western Martial Arts Workshop (http://wmaw.us/2011/).  This event is held every-other year in Racine, just north … Continue reading

Earworm Extraordinaire!

Been singing this song for thee days…

So, I know I am new here…

I realize I just moved to the area, but wow. In the 6 weeks since I moved here there have been: 1. Earthquakes 2. Hurricanes 3. and now Flooding. The flooding is so bad that they canceled school for the entire county.  I realize I am new here but WOW.  I don’t *ever* remember school … Continue reading

Milk… a rant

Look, I run in some crunchy circles.  Hell, I am only one step from bathing in patchouli myself.  But every now and again, there are beliefs that are commonly held in my circles of friends that drive me absolutely crazy. A loathing of milk and milk-drinkers is one of them. Hang out with me and my mom … Continue reading


Day two, photos achieved!

On our walk to school, today, I was able to snap a couple of photos for the memory books (and of course to share with the world). Scarlet said that her day at school yesterday was great.  I had asked her, when we were walking home yesterday, “Did you like walking all the way to … Continue reading